Scientific research is one of the central tasks of The School of Basic Medical Sciences. Aiming to create a first-class discipline of the basic medicine, we will seize the opportunity of the construction of technological innovation port in western China and the construction of a first-class university, based on the "three aspects", concentrate on the university development, exploration and innovation, and work hard to constantly improve the level of basic medical discipline.

In terms of the construction of platforms, the school has 4 supporting platforms at the provincial or ministerial level, and 8 scientific research platforms for each department currently, which lays a solid foundation for the development and improvement of scientific research work. Meanwhile, the school continues to integrate superior resources, build the Institute of translational medicine, by depending on the key laboratory of "genes of the diseases related to the environment" of the ministry of education. We will continue to strengthen the construction of scientific platforms, such as the United laboratories for international cooperation in vascular biomechanics and inflammatory biology, promote the construction of provincial & ministerial co-construction laboratory and key laboratories at the provincial and ministerial levels actively, and strengthen the construction of public research platforms, finally to provide more comprehensive and convenient services for the scientific research work of the school.

In terms of cooperation and communication, the school promotes international scientific and technological cooperation actively, strengthens the construction of international cooperative laboratories, sets up joint research centers with domestic and foreign high-level universities, deepens and expands the cooperation and communication with top universities and research institutions. At the same time, we actively invite famous scholars from China and foreign countries to come to our university for academic activities, such as academic reports and professors’ forums. Besides, many international conferences in various fields have been held to promote communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign scholars. For example, the forum of the Chang'an international cardiovascular disease, co-organized by the cardiovascular research center of our school, has been influential in the professional field. By the above measures, the school has promoted the cooperation and communication of China and foreign countries, and created a good scientific research atmosphere, at least improved the academic level of our school.

With the support of scientific research platforms and a variety of measures, the School of Basic Medical Sciences aims at the major need of the nation and the most advanced international scientific research, dedicates to the scientific research for the key problems of critical diseases and the most advanced medical research, finally forms our own characteristics on scientific research in multiple directions, such as neuroscience, cardiovascular disease and drug intervention study, the immunological study on the infection and inflammatory diseases, the pathogenesis and prevention of the cancer, genetic development and bioinformatics research, pathogenic biological study and interdisciplinary research in medicine and engineering. Meanwhile, we emphasize to lead the development of all disciplines by innovative research and the most advanced technologies, drive the development of traditional disciplines by advantageous disciplines, promote the integration of basic medicine with bioscience and clinical medicine, and at last form a system of different disciplinary platforms which will play its roles with critical medical problems as the principal line. Since 2010, the school has undertaken more than 10 key projects at national level, and 195 national natural science foundation projects. Altogether more than 1000 SCI papers have been published and more than 10 provincial and ministerial awards have been obtained. 27 national invention patents and 4 utility model patents have been granted. These achievements have made an important contribution to improve the research level of western medical science, and the quality and health level of the Chinese population.